Sunday, July 17, 2011

Back to Quilting?

Whew, it seems like I am doing everything but quilting these days. Supposedly, the last parts of "the" quilting book are ready to be sent to the publisher. We will see.... I am not good at keeping secrets, as I have mentioned once or twice before, so, do not be surprised if I sneak in a few images of things to come, heh heh. As a matter of fact, how about some fabric designs....

As for the house, I can see where this damage control from the water could lead to trouble, big time. I mean, newly painted walls need new curtains, don't they? And then I could see where the seat cushions would be much prettier if they matched the new curtains better....hmmmm. Was that a look of fear on my husband's face as he left ??? Nah. Me thinks it was a look of approval, heh heh.

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