Wednesday, June 2, 2010

How about Pity?

As I mentioned yesterday, forget about the issue of making anyone jealous. Now I am shooting for Pity. We woke up to another day of rain. It took until nearly noon for it to start to let up. Actually, I woke up about 5:30 and started playing with the computer. For some reason, I was aching from head to toe so I decided to take some Aspirin. A little while later, I decided to take more aspirin. Did I mention that "Patience" is my middle name? Anyway, this time I thought it might be prudent to read the label. Yikes, the label said, "Aspirin, PM." Yep, you guessed it. Within 30 minutes I was back in LaLa Land. Oh well, I did not think about the rain for several more hourzzzzzzzzzz.....

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