Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Day in the Life.....

Well, you guys asked for it...a day in the life of Dianne.  It started out beautifully. The day was gorgeous.  We shared a lovely breakfast with our generous friends and some precious hummingbirds while sitting under an orange tree laden with huge oranges.  It pretty much went downhill from there. "The Plan" was to find every quilt shop we could in Phoenix and give them the gift of their lives...the opportunity to purchase some original fabric by Dianne Kay Emery Springer.  How could anyone in their right mind turn that down?

LOTS of them.  Shockingly, only one shop even invited us to visit them and they acted so bored that I wanted to say, "Hey, have you any idea how lucky you are to even be in the same room as this lovely fabric?"  Seriously, I am starting to think that I am alone in my thinking.  Oh well, let's head to California and see if I can get others to join you and me in my world.


  1. We were both in Phoenix the same day. Now I'm in Sedona. So glad to hear from you! We were so worried!!!

  2. So HAPPY to see you back in action BFF ,,, you have a LOVELY husband and I ask you to seriously tell Tom thank you from Gale and me ...