Sunday, July 14, 2013

Quilting Gift

I love feedback.  Well, not if it is yucky.  Yucky ones have the potential to make me cry.   The good thing is that so far, I have never gotten a Yucky comment.   I did get a Yucky email a few days ago.  One gal went to my website and apparently either ordered or considered ordering one of my Quilt in a Cup kits.  She yelled (as much as one can yell in an email) at me saying how dare I ask $24 for a Quilt in a Cup kit when it does not even come with fabric.  She said that she would never ever order from me and would spread the word to everyone she knew to do the same.  Interestingly, when I offered to give her money back I never heard back from her.  Dang, my dream of make everyone happy just got busted....

 O.K., back to the Feedback Thingie, I have my Kleenex ready because I have decided to send a free pattern or applique (it's a surprise) to everyone who comments on my blog this month.  (I will say that, because I am a girl,  I can change my mind about giving mean people a reward.  My prerogative)  You will be limited to one pattern per week, but, whoever comments the most times in July, will earn an extra free pattern.   When you post a comment, send an email to me ( so I can send you a copy of a pattern to download (or, a hard copy if you prefer)  If there is a tie, there will be a drawing.  If this works out nicely, I may just continue this until I run out of different patterns to send.  I better get busy.....

By the way, you can make a comment on any of my Threads, not just the most current one. It just has to be a new comment and you have to let me know which one.  Hope you have fun....

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  1. I have been with you since the very beginning of you posting here, Dianne. You are creative, generous, funny as h*ll, very sexy for an old broad ( i'm older BTW) and you just make me laff my butt off - especially when Life ain't so good at my house. and there have been times when we've shared a few tears together.

    SO... for this b*tch who was nasty to you... well, she obviously is bored in real life and has nothing better to do with her time than try to make everybody else miserable around her. Not worth a second of our time, eh Babe ?!

    there, I have that off my chest. I don't like it when people are mean to my friends.

    Love from South Carolina, you beautiful lady -