Friday, July 12, 2013

Addicted Quilter

I am beginning to think that "Addicted" should be my middle name.  I have always thought that I had an addictive personality and was so grateful that I did not smoke, drink, or do drugs.  I would have been one of the ones who not only do not stop, they do not want to stop, ever.

I am addicted to doing, in general.  The BEST is Doing-two-things-at-once.  Take boring that has the potential to be.  Not for me.  I take projects (notice the plural?) with me to work in the car.  The invention of cell phones was done with me in mind so I could do two things at once, love driving and talking.  Thank you, Apple.... I actually overcame being carsick by teaching myself to do needlepoint in the car.  Relax---it was while my husband was driving.  Anyway, I have finished a number of quilts, knitted several sweaters, cross-stitched my way across America......all because I love "doing" who I love while in the car...(that might not be a typo, heh heh..................)

Years ago, I discovered ebay.  By the end of the first day, I had won over $800 worth of stuff.  It was so much fun.  And expensive.  I discovered there was no "Department for Bidding" in Alcoholics Anonymous for me to call.  So, I went cold turkey.  It is so hot here in Louisiana, no one noticed the withdrawal sweats.

Then, I found casinos.  Luckily I have to drive to get to one so I can really get some stuff done before I hock the house.  Seriously, this is was-a-a-a-y too much fun to be legal.  I am not ready to look up AA for this one but I am thinking I might be psychic because I see a need for withdrawal in my future, gulp.

Now, guess what I discovered??  Quibid.  Talk about dangerous. No driving.  No leaving the house.  No having to get dressed.  And, if you "win?  buy?" something for less than 50 cents, it is not only free, it is free shipping.  Talk about least if you check it out, be sure to put me in the "Reffered by" section so I can pretend I am making money on this addiction.

My husband said, initially he was hoping I would get an addiction to.....well, he stopped mid thought and realized that this could have led to many more children and that had the potential for being even more expensive than casinos.  Better leave well enough alone.........

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