Saturday, July 20, 2013

Blueberry Bust

I just succeeded in picking the world's most expensive blueberries.  Brandy and I drove allllll the way to Birmingham to pick Mother and Gene's blueberries as we have done for the last several years.  I promised everyone I knew  that I would be bringing them a container of berries. Well, we will be eating my words, not blueberries.  We waited about 2 weeks too late to reap nature's bounty.  The ground was covered with berries.  Our basket was basically empty.  Oh well, we had a lovely visit with our friends Thad and Liz.  They are such a lovely couple, and such an in-love couple that even when they are in different rooms, you can feel the connection between the two of them. 

So, folks, I am sending my vibes out so you, too, can FEEL the LUV. 

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