Friday, March 29, 2013

Quilters On the road to Clleveland

Planned departure time:  6:00 a.m.  Actual departure time:  11:30 a.m.  Even by Dianne/Brandy standards, this was running just a little late.   As we headed out to Cleveland for the taping,  the weather map showed a Huge Front that was directly ahead of us.  So, we chose a path that would make it less likely that we would run into Mother Nature's fury.  Day one of our drive, we were like The Driven, not doing our usual "bunny-hop" style of driving for fear of running into snow--such good girls.

Day two, the sweet GPS said our arrival time should be around 4 in the afternoon.  Wow, we can sooo relax.  We can sooo enjoy the ride....we can resume our usual mode of travel...We even stopped at a casino and won a teensy bit of $$.  We had a casual, not-so-great meal.  Drove through gorgeous country while listening to music, singing our heads off.  (Thank your lucky stars that we did not record THAT for you.)  We took our sweet time with everything....bragging to my husband how brilliant we were to have been so clever to have taken this particular snow here!!!!! ......yeah, RIGHT.  We not only hit snow, it was a friggin blizzard.  Our arrival time?  How about a little reality check, Dianne.  We arrived after midnight! So much for a relaxed, early arrival.

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