Sunday, March 24, 2013

Neglectful Quilter

I know, I know, no one has to remind me how incredibly neglectful I have been about posting new Threads. One would think by peeking in my drawers that I would have enough Thread to last a lifetime.  Wrong Thread....

Oh well.  It is not for lack of thinking about writing.  We arrived home around 2 a.m. Thursday morning.  We actually hit snow on the way home.  I was freaking out.  The last time I drove through snow I was innocently driving, slowly, I might add, and suddenly, without warning, I slid off the road into a ditch.  Now, I am pulling a trailer???  GULP. Luckily, all went well.  We actually got a kick out of seeing everything white.  Like a bride's dress, it often makes the image before you the most beautiful it can be.

Our lecture at the Hattiesburg Guild was delightful, at least speaking for myself.  The ladies were very complimentary and supportive of my jokes.  Always a good thing.  My fears always include, am I boring, am I talking too much, (hmmm, that is a given), are they sorry they asked me to come???  As long as the answer to those questions, is, "no," then I am good.  I hope they enjoy the items they bought, can understand my directions, and they are interested in having me come, again, in the future.  Time will tell.

Speaking of telling, I have some exciting stuff happening.  One of the machine companies is getting ready to produce luggage with my fabric designs on them.  Does it get much better than that?  Don't tell anyone but I would almost pay them to do this, heh heh.  The fabric is being printed as we speak.  Hey, you guys might just need to buy one of these machines just so you can get one of the pieces of luggage, right????  As soon as I get the "go" I will share the company's name.  They might just be one my of new BFF's!!!!!

And, with any luck, my fabric company will be officially "with fabric" (right now it is more like "with child") by the end of April.  I know that I mentioned this before but for me this is good enough stuff to be mentioned more than once, so brace yourselves.

Tomorrow, we head to Ohio so we can tape the segment for Quilting Arts television.  If it turns out all right, I will post when the show airs.  Otherwise, you will not hear a word from me...silence will be my middle name.  yeah, right.

And, finally, if you are near Schaumburg, Illinois, please come see me at the Original Sewing Expo, the weekend after this one. I need my hugs and kisses.

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