Thursday, May 6, 2010

Quilt Shows and More Quilt Shows

This is definitely embarrassing. I have been so neglectful about this blog that I should permanently hang my head in shame. I will try my best to redeem myself. Excuses are not a part of my nature so I will simply say that I have been gone almost constantly since the first part of April. Gina Reddin of Splinters and Threads, and I have been vending at Quilt Shows alll over the place. We started with a show in Springfield, Missouri, then traveled to Chicago, Illinois, then on to Paducah, Kentucky. We were home for less than a week before heading out to our present location, Salt Lake City, Utah. Who wouldathunkit? I actually took pictures and everything, documenting our travels. Of course, I do not have the cable with me to download the pictures so for now, you will have to assume that I am being truthful. Ha. Like that matters when one is as awful as I about adding to this blog.
Promises, promises, promises.....I can only say I will try to be better, more interesting, and more pictorial....right now I am heading to la la land. Thanks for checking back, at all.

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