Friday, May 28, 2010

Excuses, excuses

Mentally I have an entire list of "reasons" why I have not written anything for over a month. Here is the beginning of my list:
4......Hmmmm. Nothing seems important enough...ok, so I am letting you help me out. This is a "fill in the blanks" quiz.

I used to promise I would get better at writing. Not going there, anymore. We arrived home from Market in Minneapolis on Tuesday night. No time to rest. We need to fill orders and then create kits for the next shows. Should I mention that I am sneaking off to the beach for several days? So much for any sympathy I might have garnered before mentioning that. How about a photo I took during our trip to Salt Lake City? Is this worth any forgiveness? O.K., I was just hoping... How about I just include pictures of my mini vacation this week so if you cannot be sympathetic, you can be JEALOUS!!, heh heh

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