Saturday, June 8, 2013

Back to Reality

"the trouble with reality is it doesn't live up to the best expectations of my fantasies"
 No wonder I stay in my own little world most of the time...reality often smells more like a dirty diaper.
Anyway, I ran away from home for all of last week.  I ended up at the beach.  It was wonderful.  What was amazing was that my sewing machine and projects somehow snuck into my car.  So, I was only partially in my Fantasy Land.  As Brandy and I were driving South, I checked the weather for Fort Morgan....rain was predicted for the entire time we were planning to be there.  
"Why don't we just head back home, Brandy?  We could probably get a lot more done and would not be wasting gas and time driving?....Nah.  I would rather be at the beach house, regardless."  To our delight, reality did live up to some of my expectations.  It was sunny every single day.  Part "B" of my expectations was that I would come back lighter than when I left.  Hrumph.  The only thing lighter was my wallet.  I actually gained 3 pounds!  Pew.  Stinky stinky pew.
I do have some stuff to show you, though....
"Carry All of It" (c)

"Ruffled Apron w/ Gabbi's Rose II"