Friday, December 2, 2011

Quilter in Avoidance--and this is something NEW??

In avoidance mode more that ever these days....  I finished this jacket instead of working on "the necessary."  Hey, who says what necessary is?  Two young folks were helping Gramma Barbara (Barbara Crawford Designs) and Grampa Mike in a booth a few shows ago.  The kids were busy using as many colors of wool as they could get their hands on.  My kind of kids!  So, I hired them to do some designs on a sweatshirt.  I just added the zipper and the cuffs.  Don't you just love the whimsey?

Now, for a major reality check--I am leaving in little while for my sister's house to pack it up.  I have no idea when I will be back but please do not forget about me.  I need you guys more than ever.  Your comments and prayers have kept me going.  Later.....

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