Thursday, December 1, 2011

Good Morning, Quilters

It is early... still dark both inside and out, but I am imagining a better day.  Let's start by regrouping with my Christmas gift to you.  Not that it is hard, but, have you figured out what the pattern is for?  How about a picture? Hmmm.  Where-o-where could she have gotten such cute fabric????  Double "hmmmm."

Body:  Muslin or fabric of choice,  13" x WOF  (width of fabric)
Top Ruffle:  1 piece cut 9" X WOF  ( 1/4 yard, or, one piece (9" x 40")
Middle Ruffle:  2 pieces cut 9" x WOF  (1/2 yard, or, one piece 9" x 80")
Bottom Ruffle:  2 pieces cut 8" x WOF ( 1/2 yard or, one piece 8" x 80")
Waist Band:  7" x 68 1/2" (1/2 yard cut into four pieces, each 7" x 17 1/2")
Wide Rick Rack, 3 packages (optional)

Directions:  Trim all selvedge edges.  If piecing middle and bottom ruffles, sew 2 of the same color ruffle strips along the 9" sides, right sides together.  Repeat for the second ( 8" ) ruffle pieces.

Hem ruffle by turning one of the longer ruffle edges under 1/4". Press. Then press under, again, 1/4".  Sew in place.  Repeat for the other two ruffles.

If using the optional Rick Rack, sew a row of the Rick Rack to the front side of the hemmed edge of each ruffle.

With a removable pen, mark a line 7" down from the top edge of the muslin piece.  The line should go from side to side, the entire width of the muslin.

Bottom Ruffle:  Sew a gathering stitch along the remaining long unhemmed edge, 1/4" from edge.   Pull gathering stitches until the ruffle matches the width of the muslin piece (hint:  I like to mark the middle of the ruffle as well as the middle of the muslin so I can be assured that the ruffle is more evenly spaced.)   Avoid gathers at the outside edges for about an inch in from both ends.  Pin ruffle to bottom edge of muslin, right sides together, raw edges matching.  Sew in a 3/8" seam.  Press seam towards the muslin, and then top stitch the seamed edge.  Press under side edges 1/4" to the wrong side of the muslin/ruffle piece.  Press under, again, 1/2".  Stitch in place.

to be continued.....

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