Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hello, my name is Dianne and I am the person who is supposed to be attending to the business at hand, like this blog. Either I am trying to set a record for the longest time NOT adding to her blog, or I am in danger of being fired from my job....oh, wait, I am not being paid for doing this, fact, I am the boss....DUH.

I can proudly announce, "
We did it." My daughter and I both walked the 3-Day 60 Mile 'Walk. The amazing thing was that Brandy, even with her sore leg, completed nearly every step. Also, I am delighted to say that for the second time, I never even had so much as one little blister. Lucky lucky me. The more impressive thing was the number of walkers who continued with tons of blisters, sore legs, shin splints, bad knees, etc. They are the champions. I have to say that the most difficult thing for me was trying to sleep on a mattress that lost its air and not having enough blankets so we put on nearly every stitch of clothing we brought and slept like lovers, cuddling, trying to keep from freezing to death. In spite of all that, I am thinking of signing up, again. Hmmm, more data for sending me to a looney bin....

One of the things that has kept me busy is completing that Block of the Month quilt. I did it in about two weeks. As I said earlier, there is a reason that it is called "Block of the MONTH." It was enough to burn me out on quilting for a while. Good thing I bought a needlepoint canvas at Market, heh heh.

Oh, I finally remembered to put a photo of the new rug I was asked to make for the Roc-Lon corporation. Ta Da.

The size is 7' x 10'

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