Monday, December 17, 2012

Tired Tired Quilter

This is so totally foreign to me, being tired, or sleepy, I mean.  I had to look both of those words up on the computer.  In the definition it said, "see, 'Dianne.'"  It seems like I am so tired these days that I just want to go right back to bed no matter how many hours sleep I got that night.  One would think two-four hours of sleep a night would be just fine, but, no-o-o-o.  So, please excuse me as I yawn throughout this...

Gabby's Rose II

Black and White Forever

Gabby's Rose

I thought you might like to know that I am progressing with my fabrics.  I am very close to having them printed.  I am going to re-publish the four designs just to tease you.  Even if I gave the "go ahead, Make my day," today, it would be at least two months before everything was actually in my hands.  And, to be realistic, getting to that go-ahead day is, in and of itself, at least two months away.  Samples have to exchange hands, money has to change hands, colors approved, fabric approved, etc etc......process.
Taupe and Cream Forever

So, just in case you were curious, or the phrase, "Hmm, I wonder what is happening with Dianne and her fabric designs," crossed your mind, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  And, I hope this answered some of your curiousity.  If you really want to make me appreciative, take your smart phone, or your IPAD-type gismo to your local quilt shop, flash them (uh, the fabric images, heh heh) and say, "See this lovely fabric?  I neeeeeed some of it so pleeeeeese order it."

And if all that was not exciting to you, or interesting, or anticipatory (is that a word?), or did not suit your needs in any way, I will leave you with this beauty from Psalm 8:4-5

When  I see the heavens, the work of Your hands, the moon and the stars which You arranged, who are we that You keep us in mind, mere mortals that You care for us?

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