Friday, November 6, 2009

(4 miles)

Definitely looks like I am working on another month long hiatus. Believe me, it is not intentional. I am long overdue learning the meaning of, and USE of the word, "NO." I keep trying to blame someone else, anyone else, for the predicaments I manage to get myself into.

Check out this situation: A local quilt shop owner asked if I would choose the fabrics for a block of the month quilt. Mind you, she announced this in front of about 25 women who all said, "Hey, if Dianne is selecting the fabrics, I want to register." O.M.G, talk about pressure. I am going to need Valium, big time. It is one thing to pick fabrics for your own quilt, but for 50-60 others?????? Did I say, "NO thank you?" Of course not, remember, I do not know the meaning or use of that word."

. Now, this is no ordinary quilt. It probably has 50-60 different fabrics and could have more if one chose to do so. The quilt is fabulous. In fact, I am the one who talked the show owner into purchasing the pattern. What amazes me is why every shop who sells sewing machines does not use this quilt to teach the owners about different stitches, feet, a variety of techniques, etc.

Anyway, there was no way the shop had enough variety in her fabrics to make this baby. So, on the spur of the moment, I headed to Dallas to Moda and P&B fabrics. A few thousand $$$, and two days later, I began making a sample quilt. This was nearly two weeks ago and I have now gotten about three hours of sleep each night. My goal was to complete the quilt by this Friday (today) HA HA HA HA. Talk about delusional..... There is a reason this was called a block of the MONTH. Sigh.

Did I mention that I had agreed to participate in the Artists' Studio Tour which also happens to begin tomorrow morning? You guessed it, I have done nothing to add to my jewelry or anything else. I headed out to the studio tonight to try my best to practice beadmaking. My torch has been on the fritz for weeks so add that to my stess list.

Did I mention that our house has decided to spring several leaks with all the torrential rain? and, one of the places that was affected was the bathroom in the studio? I returned from Market/Festival to major mold all over the ceiling. Of course, my husband decided to wait until today to repair the ceiling so there is dust and gunk all over the place. .....

Did I mention that we then leave on Monday for New Orleans for my daughter's surgery? We should be gone all week, returning Sunday so I can host the Pokino group on Monday, home two more days then leave for San Diego and the 60 MIle Breast Cancer Walk, returning on Monday, leaving on Tuesday for our family Thanksgiving, returning December,...then...well, that pretty much eats up the month of November and somewhere in there I am supposed to finish remaking two bedspreads my mother bought, make the dust
ruffles and matching pillows before heading to the Feasting? Talk about delusional-- talk about stupid human tricks....David Letterman, book me now.

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